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We’re here for you and can schedule a transport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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All transports are based on availability; the more notice is provided, the better. We suggest at least 24-48hrs in advance if possible. If your transport is needed in less than 24hrs., please call our dispatch office to provide your details and check for availability.

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Ex. +1 (999) 999-9999
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For Wheelchair Van transports; Specify if the patient has his own wheelchair or if he needs one for transport.

Upload related documentation

Relevant to your transport request, the following current documentation is recommended (if available):
• Latest Patient’s Medical Report or History and Physical
• Latest Flight Itinerary (if related to air transportation)
• Latest Test Results including COVID-19
• Memorandum of Transport or Latest Discharge Progress Notes
• Out of Hospital Do Not Resuscitate Order (if applicable)
• Any Other Relevant Documentation
Maximum upload size: 5MB

Each trip is booked as per availability upon signed contract, payment or credit card preauthorization are received.

Upon receiving your complete schedule request, a medical transportation specialist will check availability and will get back with you with a confirmation number once your transport is booked.