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Who is Ambulance USA?

Ambulance USA is a Transportation Management Organization (TMO) whose leadership has over 20 years of hands-on experience in international air ambulance, ground ambulance, and patient logistics. We have directed, supervised, planned, and coordinated thousands of patient medical transports on six continents. Our experience and reputation allow us to handle the most critical and delicate domestic and international patient transportation challenges.

What does Ambulance USA do?

Ambulance USA serves companies and private clients worldwide to identify, arrange, and coordinate medical transportation for their patients and loved ones. We partner with medical transportation providers worldwide to help provide reliable transportation, high-quality coordination, and cost-effective services. We fulfill all our patients’ complex transportation needs, with a strong emphasis on aviation-related ambulance support and private clients.

What does Ambulance USA value?

Ambulance USA believes that effective communication is the primary tool needed to prevent mistakes, save time and unnecessary expenses. We strive to perform each task to the best of our abilities and offer practical service solutions with professionalism and reliability.

What makes Ambulance USA different?

When clients call us, they speak directly to a highly-trained patient transportation specialist who navigates all the details of their transportation. We will coordinate and schedule transportation any way the client prefers: by phone, email, fax, text, or online.

What are the advantages of working with Ambulance USA?

Ambulance USA offers: 

  • A high-quality professional and responsive service.
  • Easily accessible, dedicated specialists.
  • Experienced coordination and expert supervision. 
  • Worldwide network of accredited providers. 
  • Customized solutions for your organization’s needs.
  • Clear pricing with flexible communication and updates.
  • Multilingual communications and medical document translation services.
  • Secure handling of all client and patient information.
Why should I choose Ambulance USA?

The answer is simple: Our network of providers is experienced, professional, and flexible. We can provide customized solutions that meet even the most complex patient needs. Most importantly, we care. We know that organizing international medical transportation can be complicated, and our experts offer clients both empathy and efficiency, ensuring patients receive the best medical transportation possible at an affordable price.

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