USA & Canada: +1-800-872-6667

International: +1-832-872-2222


What type of transports do you handle?

We handle domestic and international pre-scheduled, non-emergency, private-pay medical transports.

Do you transport for urgent emergencies?

No, we handle pre-scheduled non-emergency medical transportation. If you have an emergency transport or a life-threatening situation, always call your local emergency service (911). All our trips are based on availability at the time of booking. We suggest as much notice as possible; for domestic transports, we recommend at least 2-3hours of advance notice, and for international trips at least 24-48hrs notice.

Do you accept Medicare, Medicaid, or insurances?

No, we do not handle insurances, only private pay. Payment will be needed at the time of reservation. You can pay out of pocket and submit your paid invoice for reimbursement to your insurance after transport.

Can luggage be taken in the ambulance?

Yes, on most cases only the equivalent of one small carry-on size handbag can be brought for the patient and another for the companion.

Do you handle long-distance medical transports?

Yes, we do. Pending on the availability, and the patient’s requirements we suggest at least 24hrs notice for any long-distance medical transports.

Do you handle international medical transports ?

Yes, we do. Pending on the availability, and the patient’s requirements we suggest at least 24 to 72hrs notice for international medical transports.

What type of patients do you transport?

We handle all types of patients as per the availability of the requested areas. Pediatrics, adults, geriatrics, bariatrics, etc. Some specialty transports may require extra time as per the availability and capabilities of each location.

How do I pay for transport?

You can pay by credit card on the phone or our website or via bank transfer. As soon as the payment and transport details are received, we start the booking process.

Can a family member accompany the patient?

Yes, as long as the patient is not critical, does not require isolation, and is safe for the patient. Most transports (domestic and international) take a family member on board while additional family members require approval based on medical assessment and type of transport.

Can a positive Covid-19 patient be transported?

Yes, the transport will depend on the availability and capabilities of the specific route or location needed for transportation. Because of Covid-19 regulations, some countries may have different requirements. We suggest to provide as much notice for reservation on these cases.

Can a family member accompany a Covid-19 positive patient during transport?

Yes, as long as the companion has a current negative Covid-19 test, it is up to the medical team based on the patient’s safety protocols, local regulations to allow the companion onboard at his own risk.

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