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Who is Ambulance USA?

Ambulance USA is a Transportation Management Organization (TMO) whose leadership has over 20 years of hands-on experience in international air ambulance, ground ambulance, and patient logistics. We have directed, supervised, planned, and coordinated thousands of patient medical transports on six continents. Our experience and reputation allow us to handle the most critical and delicate domestic and international patient transportation challenges.

What does Ambulance USA do?

Ambulance USA serves companies and private clients worldwide to identify, arrange, and coordinate medical transportation for their patients and loved ones. We partner with medical transportation providers worldwide to help provide reliable transportation, high-quality coordination, and cost-effective services. We fulfill all our patients’ complex transportation needs, with a strong emphasis on aviation-related ambulance support and private clients.

What does Ambulance USA value?

Ambulance USA believes that effective communication is the primary tool needed to prevent mistakes, save time and unnecessary expenses. We strive to perform each task to the best of our abilities and offer practical service solutions with professionalism and reliability.

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What type of transports do you handle?

We handle domestic and international pre-scheduled, non-emergency, private-pay medical transports.

Do you transport for urgent emergencies?

No, we handle pre-scheduled non-emergency medical transportation. If you have an emergency transport or a life-threatening situation, always call your local emergency service (911). All our trips are based on availability at the time of booking. We suggest as much notice as possible; for domestic transports, we recommend at least 2-3hours of advance notice, and for international trips at least 24-48hrs notice.

Do you accept Medicare, Medicaid, or insurances?

No, we do not handle insurances, only private pay. Payment will be needed at the time of reservation. You can pay out of pocket and submit your paid invoice for reimbursement to your insurance after transport.

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How can I request a quote?

Ambulance USA makes it practical to request a quote, pay, and schedule your domestic or international ambulance transports. We offer options for secure communications and convenience via phone, text, WhatsApp, email, and online. See our request a quote here. 

What is needed to obtain a basic quote?

We need to know the type of patient (pediatric, adult, bariatric), the patient’s condition, their medical needs, pick up and drop off address(s), and the estimated date and time for transport.

What is the process to schedule transport?

Step 1. Request a Quote. Provide the general details to obtain a transport estimate.

Step 2. Agree & Pay for Transport Once you’ve received a quote, pay for your transport, sign, and agree to the terms & conditions.

Step 3. Schedule a Transport Confirm any specific details and information for your transport to be coordinated appropriately. Once you’ve paid and confirmed for your trip, a dedicated medical transport specialist will keep you updated via your preferred means of communication.

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What documentation do I need for domestic transfers?

Your government-issued ID, driver’s license, birth certificate, or a photo ID identifying yourself.

What documentation I need for international transfers?

For international transport, at the time of booking you and your companion (if any) will need to provide a legible photo of your current passports and visas (if applicable) and a Covid-19 result test within 72hrs from the date of transport.

Can I be transported internationally without a passport?

If you are returning to your own country of citizenship, a current government photo ID may work in some cases. We will have to submit it for clearance ahead of time upon booking. Otherwise, a consular certification letter for medical transport will be needed.

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What steps can I take to be prepare in case of international traveling?

Research in advance the destination before traveling, obtain a good travel insurance with high medical repatriation coverage, have clear pictures of your travel & medical documents, and be prepared to provide as much notice as possible in case medical repatriation will be needed.

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