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International: +1-832-872-2222


What documentation do I need for domestic transfers?

Your government-issued ID, driver’s license, birth certificate, or a photo ID identifying yourself.

What documentation I need for international transfers?

For international transport, at the time of booking you and your companion (if any) will need to provide a legible photo of your current passports and visas (if applicable) and a Covid-19 result test within 72hrs from the date of transport.

Can I be transported internationally without a passport?

If you are returning to your own country of citizenship, a current government photo ID may work in some cases. We will have to submit it for clearance ahead of time upon booking. Otherwise, a consular certification letter for medical transport will be needed.

How do I submit my documentation for booking?

You can call our office and request a secure email or use our site to connect via WhatsApp to safely submit your information. Additionally, you may send it using our website via your mobile, or computer when scheduling a transport at

Is my information secure with Ambulance USA?

Ambulance USA fully complies with HIPAA regulations, releasing only the information needed to reasonably coordinate each transport properly. Our clients’ and patient’s identifiable information is always secured based on the latest regulatory standards. We deploy multi-factor authentication and Integrated Security Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on all digital platforms and use HTTPS protocols on our website to secure cryptographic connections from a web server to a browser.

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